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Protecting your interests

Settling property disputes and issues

From planning issues to neighbour disputes, problems with utilities to environmental complaints, our property team deals with a vast array of matters in the High Court, County Courts and tribunals, as well as through mediation and arbitration.

Whether you are the claimant or respondent in a dispute we will provide calm, objective advice, a thorough opinion on your legal position and recommendations on how to settle the issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Many of our Direct Access property barristers are members of the Property Bar Association, Chancery Bar Association and Social Housing Law Association – so you can be absolutely sure we are giving you up-to-date and highly focused advice.

Here are some of fields in which we can help you:

  • Disputes with neighbouring businesses or residents
  • Trespass possession, eviction and compulsory purchase
  • Property disputes, ranging from covenants, restrictions and rights relating to the use of land, access and boundary disputes, party wall disputes, to rights of way and rights to light


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