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Our direct access service for personal clients

There are many reasons you might want to obtain legal help from a barrister; from dealing with a problem at work to settling a dispute with a school, neighbour or supplier.

Under the Direct Access Scheme, you may be able to consult us direct without having to pay a solicitor or other intermediary first.

Here are the main things with which we can assist you:

  • Advice on a legal dispute or on how to plan and manage your legal affairs;
  • Representation in Court, Tribunals and other proceedings;
  • Drafting legal letters and official documentation for the Court.

We are a large, established barristers’ chambers and can almost certainly match you to a lawyer experienced in your type of case.

Our Direct Access teams cover the following areas:

  • Problems with suppliers, from banks to builders;
  • Disputes with schools, universities or local authorities;
  • Issues at work, including unfair dismissal, discrimination and harassment
  • Family finance matters
  • Professional, regulatory and disciplinary matters
  • Property matters, including planning, ownership and neighbours
  • Your housing requirements and rights

Please be aware that Direct Access does require a little more input from you, when compared with using a solicitor. Read our Direct Access Guide to decide if the scheme is for you.

Our aim is to ensure our service to you is exceptional at all times however if you are unhappy with any aspect please contact us here If things go wrong.

Our services for individuals

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